CDS operates a network of service locations around the country. Our success as a company is in part predicated on having excellent network providers providing high quality service to the same standards that we hold ourselves accountable to. As our business grows, we are looking for highly qualified and experienced network agents who share our values and want to be a part of the CDS team.  

Some of the key variables we use to identify and select network agents include:

  1. Warehouse, Cross Dock and Last Mile Delivery Capabilities
  2. Extensive geographic coverage
  3. Experience in our primary market segment of home improvement products
  4. Ownership / Sr. Management involvement in the daily business operations
  5. Reliability and Consistency of Service
  6. Ability and desire to grow over time
  7. Good people with a desire to service customers

As a member of the CDS Logistics Network, you'll benefit from the high levels of support provided by our network management team, customer services, IT and Baltimore operations. These services include:

  1. New Business Opportunities
  2. Comprehensive Order Management Systems
  3. Training Programs / Performance Improvement Tools
  4. Streamlined Billing and Cash Management
  5. Audit Processes
Best-in-class logistics, technology and customer service